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Pete Ray's South Texas Hunting Pete Ray's South Texas Hunting Pete Ray's South Texas Hunting

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No place but Texas can offer you such a variety of animals.


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The Brush Country of South Texas is not only home to huge whitetails, it is also home to wild hogs, javelinas, bobcats, coyotes and a number of other animals which may be hunted every day of the year. Hunting these animals can be a great challenge. Our hunts take place on several different large ranches totaling 6,000 acres located close to the town of Pearsall, Texas (60 miles south of San Antonio).

Hunting takes place during late morning & afternoon hours when these animals are most active. Methods of hunting wild hogs and javelina include spot and stalk, safari-style and still hunting over corn feeders and baited ranch roads.

Coyotes and bobcats are common in the Brush Country of South Texas. We don't offer a predator hunt package, but you can predator hunt while on your hog or javelina hunt, or if we have time we will take you out predator hunting.


Attention Hunters: South Texas quality low fence 5 day archery & gun deer hunts in Frio County Texas. Offering low fence, free range deer hunts. Low fence, no feed, these deer do it all by themselves. You never know what's going to come by. Deer in the 140 - 150 class are common, your choice. Occasionally bigger deer are taken. Best time to hunt these deer is first of December through mid January. No MLD permits here. These hunts are guided & semi guided, depending on the ability of the hunter to age deer. We harvest only mature bucks or culls. This hunt includes one mature buck, one cull if seen & one doe. No guaranteed hunts. All inclusive with lodging & meals. Cost of hunt is $5,000.00/3 Day hunt. Any questions, please call me at 936-465-0398.

High Fence Deer Hunts: We also offer high fence trophy deer hunts. These deer will range from 120 on up and are 100% guided and guaranteed. Hunts are typical high fence hunts, you pay a trophy fee plus a daily rate of $250.00. Five days, all inclusive including an open bar, skinning & prep of meat for transport included. Hunts start at $3,300. The bigger the buck, the more money. These are MLD hunts. Season opens Oct. 1st. & go through end of Feb. Please call & let me know what B & C deer you want & I will be happy to quote you a price.

Please Note: We Hunt Wild Hogs. We are not a "Hunting Preserve" with Guaranteed Hunts. If you're looking for a challenging and enjoyable hunt for Wild Hogs, you've come to the right place!


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