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No place but Texas can offer you such a variety of animals. We have multiple species of exotic animals available for you to hunt.

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South Texas Wild Hog & Javelina

Wild Hog Trophy Hunting

The Brush Country of South Texas is not only home to huge whitetails, it is also home to wild hogs, javelinas, bobcats, coyotes and a number of other animals which may be hunted every day of the year. Hunting these animals can be a great challenge. Our hunts take place on several different large ranches totaling 6,000 acres located close to the town of Pearsall, Texas (60 miles south of San Antonio).

Hunting takes place during late afternoon/evening hours when these animals are most active. Methods of hunting wild hogs and javelina include spot and stalk and still hunting over corn feeders and baited ranch roads.

Coyotes and bobcats are common in the Brush Country of South Texas. We don't offer a predator hunt package, but you can predator hunt while on your hog or javelina hunt, or if we have time we will take you out predator hunting.

Hog Hunt

We offer a 3-day all-inclusive hunt. All lodging, meals, guides are included in this hunt. Hunters may take an unlimited amount of wild hogs and predators while on this hunt. Our larger boar hogs will weigh 250-350 pounds and can have teeth/tusks up to 3 inches long. Javelina may be taken as an extra for a fee on this hunt.

Wild Hog Javelina Trophy Hunting Wild Hog Javelina Trophy Hunting Wild Hog Javelina Trophy Hunting

Javelina Hunt

For those hunters who are more interested in hunting javelina and not wild hogs, we have a hunt just for you. This is a 3-day all-inclusive hunt for 2 javelinas and predators. This hunt takes place during early morning and late afternoons by way of spot and stalk, safari style and still hunting.

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We hunt out of 4-wheel drive crew cab trucks and suburbans. We normally will have 1 guide to every 3 or 4 hunters on this hunt.

We are happy to accommodate rifle hunters, bow hunters, handgun and muzzleloader hunters.

Bow hunting these animals can be a great challenge. We still hunt them out of tripods, brush-blinds, ladder stands and commercial ground-blinds. Spot and stalk can also be very productive.

Hunting big trophy boars and meat hogs behind well-trained hog dogs is also available. Please inquire for pricing information.

Field dressing, skinning and quartering of game animals can either be done by the hunter or we will do it for a fee. We charge $30/Hog, $50/Javelina, and $35 to skin out predators.

We work with several reputable taxidermists and many of our clients leave their animals with us to be mounted. Our taxidermist will personally come to our lodge and pick up your animals while you are in camp.

We have a very nice lodge with all the amenities of home. We are equipped with a walk-in cooler and freezers for keeping meat and hides cool.

Upon arrival in camp, we will discuss shot placement on animals the over-all details of the hunt. Our main goal is to provide a fun, safe and exciting experience for our clients.

We can provide you with many references upon request

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Package Prices/Details

Wild Hog Hunt - $1,095

  • Unlimited Hogs/Bobcats/Coyotes
  • Year round
  • 3-Day All-Inclusive Hunt
  • Javelina may be taken for a $300 trophy fee
  • Meals, Lodging, Guides
  • Field Dressing/Skinning/Quartering by guides available for a fee

Javelina Hunt - $995

  • 2 Javelinas, Unlimited Coyotes & Bobcats
  • Year round
  • 3-Day All-Inclusive Hunt
  • Hog may be taken for a $300 trophy fee
  • Meals, Lodging, Guides, Field Dressing
  • Field Dressing/Skinning/Quartering by guides available for a fee

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